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Flight Simulator OO-SIM

UPDATE 22 NOV 2020


Thanks to the financial help of many supporters, our intended amount has been received. First and foremost, the team would like to express its gratitude to all sympathizers who have made it possible to continue our project. A sincere thank you!


Meanwhile, the workshop is working hard on the cockpit. The plate in which the instruments will be placed has now been laser-cut and the underlying construction is almost ready. In the photos you can get a glimpse of the touch screens that were tested by one of the team members.


The computer has also been ordered and a number of parts have already arrived. The computer was assembled and 'the beast' has now awakened. Now we are still waiting for a number of things, but they will arrive soon. We have opted for high-quality materials to optimize the experience.


The 3 large UHD displays are also on order. We still have to wait for this.


Below some more photos. See you soon!

A number of enthusiasts have recently started building a flight simulator C152 / C172. With this project we want to offer the pilots a number of extra possibilities to increase / maintain their expertise on the G1000 but also on other Garmin devices.

Our goal was to make the simulator as professional and beautiful as possible, which only benefits the user experience.


This project is an initiative of a number of enthusiastic pilots from our aero club. That is why we politely and without obligation ask all interested parties to make a financial contribution so that we can finalize our project.


The simulator itself is built with 3 large monitors that provide the view. A view to the front but also to the left and right. The cockpit itself is constructed by 2 large touchscreens with which you can click and operate the instruments. To change the setting of an instrument, it is sufficient, for example, to press the button of that instrument and operate the central rotary knob. These 2 screens can be used as C152 but also as C172 and G1000. There will also be a number of buttons and extra backup instruments on the panel.


The simulator itself will be installed between the 2 classrooms, at the top of the hangar. After decorating the space itself, the simulator can be booked via Skyman.


If you are interested in a sponsor card or if you would like more information, please leave a message via


Thank you so much!